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The Willamette Valley Chamber for Commerce was founded with the desire to:

What makes the WVCC different from Chambers of Commerce and networking groups?

1.  The primary focus of most other groups is business to business commerce.

     Although the WVCC does promote business to business commerce, our primary focus is helping member      merchants invite the general public into their businesses.  

2.  The WVCC gives free memberships to schools, youth groups, churches and many types of non-profits

     and provides way for them to raise funds with no out of pocket costs.


3.  Members of the WVCC in any city, are welcome to attend functions in any other city that has a chapter.

4.  The WVCC advertises on radio, TV, and in print to direct the public to our web site where they can find      member businesses.

The Willamette Valley Chamber for Commerce is an economic development company:

Dedicated to improving local commerce while supporting schools,

youth groups, non-profit organizations, and churches in our community.  

For more information, contact us at: info@willamettechamber.com

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